Date Taken: 23 June 2012 | Place: Ranganathittu, Karnataka, India.

Catch It! - Brahminy Kite

Date Taken: 08 July 2012 | Place: Sangama, Karnataka, India.

Let's Make Our Planet Green

Date Taken: 23 June 2012 | Place: Ranganathittu, Karnataka, India

Over Everest

Date Taken: 21 Apr 2012 | Place: Kathmandu, Nepal

Rowing On The River Ganges

Date Taken: 17 Apr 2012 | Place: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

President's House

Date Taken: 27 Apr 2012 | Place: New Delhi, India

Taj Mahal

Date Taken: 25 Apr 2012 | Place: Agra, India

Bangalore at Night

Date Taken: 20 May 2012 | Place: Bangalore, India

Uttarakhand - Simply the Heaven

Date Taken: 05 May 2012 | Place: Uttarakhand, India

13 November 2014

A Word About Mother Nature

There is no game without boundary... Every game has a end point which decides the winner. 

Everything which is invented by humans will only last long, but not permanent. But there is a game called LIFE in which we all are participating and trying to win or achieve something, but again we humans aren't permanent.

Next thing comes to mind is our planet and our solar system, but our solar system is also not permanent, after few millions of years there will be just space left.

We may not know what our future is but we have power to know the future of our solar system, yes just close your eyes and turn around, what you see is just how the space would be after few millions of years.

Mother Earth is saving Us, so please save her too and make her last longer. And become a winner!!

Basics of Digital Photography

Digital Photography Focusing Tips

1. Shoot with single point AF, the time when you have all the focus points enabled camera focuses on the brightest spot of your frame, so when you have single point focus you are taking control of your camera to focus on where you want to focus on plus the auto focus will be faster.

2. Shoot with AI SERVO so that your camera continuously focuses on the subject even while your subject is moving.

3. Camera focus speed also depends on the lens you are using. Use high speed lens to improve focus speed.

4. Have a external flash with Auto focus assist (AFA). AFA on your flash will help to improve auto focus speed in low light conditions.

5. Take advantage of live view mode. While using live view mode, zoom in using the zoom buttons in your camera do not zoom using lens to check if you have focused exactly where you wanted to focus.

I hope above five tips will help you in improving your focusing technique.

1. Determine how much you want the subject to be in focus (DOF)
2. Learn how to control your camera
3. Avoid shooting in harsh lighting
4. Try to frame your subject with clearer or darker background
5. When you are shooting close ups focus on eye, with single point focus.

1. Don't think about the camera that you are using.
2. Delete your photos only if there is technical faults.
3. Think about the lighting before you compose a shot.
4. Be selective about photos that you share.
5. Check the background while you are framing your subject.

1. Use the viewfinder's light meter in camera to adjust aperture and shutter speed once you have focused on a subject.
2. Use beanbag to avoid camera shakes.
3. Use right lenses based on the distance between you and the subject.
4. Frame your subject using rule of thirds to present your picture.
5. Just like distance, cameras height also matters to make your subject look proportional. Set your camera height to the eye level of your subject.

1. Always set the ISO below 400 to reduce grains in the picture.
2. Change the White Balance based on the availability of natural light.
3. Set AF Mode to AI Servo so that the focus changes/locks to your moving subject.
4. Set Drive Mode to High speed/Continues mode so that you don't miss the actions.
5. Use Tripod/Monopod to avoid camera shake.