18 March 2013

India Does it Better When it Comes to Saving Elephants

A conversation which happened on Facebook says:

Interesting dialog with the man who posted this picture - India does it better:

Mille Stelle
Anand Yrh: Do you know how elephants are faring in India as compared with Africa? I've just become aware that 32,000 African Forest Elephants were illegally slaughtered (poached) for ivory in 2012 alone, and that the population has declined 62% in the past decade. Apparently much of the ivory is destined for China... what do things look like from the Indian side of the equation?

Anand Yrh
hi Mille Stelle, Its very rare in India, we Indians here worship lord Ganesha (A Elephant headed god) so we respect Elephants and moreover lot of them are wildlife enthusiasts. But there were few poachers who used to kill them for ivory.. in recent days it has got reduced due to increase in number of forest rangers and alertness of forest department.


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