Date Taken: 23 June 2012 | Place: Ranganathittu, Karnataka, India.

Catch It! - Brahminy Kite

Date Taken: 08 July 2012 | Place: Sangama, Karnataka, India.

Let's Make Our Planet Green

Date Taken: 23 June 2012 | Place: Ranganathittu, Karnataka, India

Over Everest

Date Taken: 21 Apr 2012 | Place: Kathmandu, Nepal

Rowing On The River Ganges

Date Taken: 17 Apr 2012 | Place: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

President's House

Date Taken: 27 Apr 2012 | Place: New Delhi, India

Taj Mahal

Date Taken: 25 Apr 2012 | Place: Agra, India

Bangalore at Night

Date Taken: 20 May 2012 | Place: Bangalore, India

Uttarakhand - Simply the Heaven

Date Taken: 05 May 2012 | Place: Uttarakhand, India

20 March 2013

Two days at Nagarahole and Kabini forest area

It was an amazing experience this time after spending two days at Nagarahole.

We started from Bangalore around 10:00 pm in the night and reached Nagarahole forest check-post by 2:00 am, since the gate to enter forest opens at 6:00 am we had to sleep in car for four hours.

And then, post entering the forest early in the morning we had good time spotting Wild-dogs, Elephant (Tusker), and lots of birds eg: woodpecker, 3-4 species of parrots and peafowl of-course.

After having a good sighting on the way, we reached Nagarahole safari area by 8:15 am so we missed the morning safari which is open only from 7:00 to 8:00 am. We requested the range officer to arrange a private vehicle for us, unfortunately no private vehicle was arranged, due to shortage of jeeps. So we then headed towards Kutta a place approx 20Kms from Nagarahole to rest for a while in a home-stay.

Later around 2:00 pm we started towards Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary which is located 12 kms from Kutta. Tholpetty belongs to Kerla state, there is no entrance fee or anything to enter in to Kerla.

I had heard that Tholpetty is famous for its jeep safari which costs Rs.700 for Indians, and famous form spotting Tigers. We were disappointed after reaching Tholpetty because the safari was closed from March to April 15th due to natural firing problem at the forest. After having lunch at a place in Kerala, we headed back to Nagarahole for 3:00 pm safari. After reaching we had chance to meet our photography friends who become friends when we visited previous trip. The safari was quite good as we spotted Wild-dogs, a herd of Elephants (around 20 together), Bisons herd etc.

But we had no chance to spot a Tiger, we thought we could try to spot tomorrow around Kabini and we left from Nagarahole to Kabini later in the evening which is around 76 kms from Nagarahole. We arrived at Kabini sometime around 9:40 pm and rested in an home-stay.

The next day morning (Sunday), we checked with Jungle lodges if they could take us inside the forest but we were late by the time all the vehicles had left the resort to forest. So we had to relay on our car to do a road safari and spotted few rare birds. As we headed down we were surprised buy a Elephant camp which is located around 15 kms from Kabini. Here, we had chance to spend time with lots of elephants and elephants calfs by playing with them :).

"One incident which I would like to share, There was a calf which was drinking water from a ground level water tank with its mom next to it, by mistake the calf fell in the the water tank and at this moment there was one person near the calf trying to pull the calf out, later few more people joined him and helped the calf to come out of water tank, as you could see in one of the pictures."

After spending time at Elephant camp, we got to know we were close to Kutta a place near Nagarahole, so we then planned to visit Nagarahole again for a evening safari. We went for a 3:00 pm safari and we could not spot a Tiger. So we thought we will try our luck by going for another safari because we were so desperate to spot a Tiger, unfortunately we again could not spot the tigers.

"An amazing incident while we were in safari at Nagarahole, as our safari vehicle approached closer to the herd at-least 4 of them were likely to charge at our vehicle to protect the little calf (can be see just below the second elephant from the left)"

We thought we don't have enough luck this time and headed back to Bangalore at 6:30 pm and reached Bangalore around 11:30 pm.

All our effort to spot a tiger at Nagarahole was over. We still waiting to plan and visit Nagarahole sometime in May again.

More photos will be uploaded on this post.

18 March 2013

India Does it Better When it Comes to Saving Elephants

A conversation which happened on Facebook says:

Interesting dialog with the man who posted this picture - India does it better:

Mille Stelle
Anand Yrh: Do you know how elephants are faring in India as compared with Africa? I've just become aware that 32,000 African Forest Elephants were illegally slaughtered (poached) for ivory in 2012 alone, and that the population has declined 62% in the past decade. Apparently much of the ivory is destined for China... what do things look like from the Indian side of the equation?

Anand Yrh
hi Mille Stelle, Its very rare in India, we Indians here worship lord Ganesha (A Elephant headed god) so we respect Elephants and moreover lot of them are wildlife enthusiasts. But there were few poachers who used to kill them for ivory.. in recent days it has got reduced due to increase in number of forest rangers and alertness of forest department.