11 February 2012

Wild Three Young Tuskers

Date Taken: 11 Feb 2012
Place: Savandurga, Karnataka, India

On 11 Feb 2012 I visited Savanadurga hills (Ramanagara district, Magadi, situated around 65kms from Bangalore). It was around 9:00 am when I reached there. As I already know that there is a lake at the bottom of the hills I decided to go there to find some aquatic birds. 

While I was taking few shots of cormorant bird at the lake I heard some noise at the other end of the lake, Initially I did not mind, later on I heard more noise and that is when I realized that there is some movement there and I expected elephants since I can see trees were shaking. 

So I took my position and waited for a minute and I witnessed three young tuskers (Three male elephants) crossing the lake and they were wild elephants, I did not take more chances to get closer, I took few shots and managed to get away from there as I saw elephants approaching towards me. 

I then realized these elephants were too close to tourist area and villages nearby and I decided to inform forest department by the help of local people. 

After few minutes GK. Sudarshan (Forest range officer) and his team of 8 persons arrived at the spot with sound making crackers. And they entered the forest by tracking the footprints of elephants and successfully managed to scare away tuskers from the tourist area and the villages nearby.

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