18 December 2013

How to Start Photography

Point No 1: Know About Yourself.

Before starting photography you need to know if you are really such kind of person who is capable of spending time indoor and outdoor without thinking of what other people may think about you. Yes photography is such a hobby you will get so passionate about. It makes others to look at you. You need to have lot of patience and right attitude. And also creative mind.

Point No 2: Decide on what type of photography you would like to do.

Photography has variety of categories and each category has it's own set of equipment and rules to be followed. Though the basic rules are still the same. Once you start photographing you will learn more.

Point No 3: Start with smaller camera first.

Yes initially to start learning it is better to start with camera which has minimal options and more automatic. Because at this stage you will be learning on how to use the camera and how to frame a shots. Be creative minded and try to photograph anything that you feel good about. Like photographing toys, food, landscape, anything that you feel like framing.

Point No 4: Reading Books.

Start reading books, magazines, online articles, etc. This will really improve your basic knowledge and you will get more ideas on various type of photography and technicalities.
Learn the basics and concepts of photography.
Photography is a art just like painting. Camera is just an equipment to support your talent, all the concept and how to select a subject if fully depends on your talent. Read books and refer to great photographers work and try to understand how the subject were framed.

Point No 5: Select your field of interest and buy equipment.

At this stage you will be aware of how much you are interested in photography so it's fine if you are not willing to go further in this field. Because if you are not confident enough it is not good to invest more money. And if you are confident start selecting and upgrading your equipment. Be careful about the budget and buy only equipment which are essential.

Point No 6: Build Your Network.

As you invest on new equipment, attended photography workshops in your city so that you'll start meeting new people who are also passionate about same field. This will help you to learn from others and gives chance to exhibit your talent and art. You will also make new friends and do some field works. Participate in photography competitions, this will make you feel good and proud of your own art and you will start loving it.

Point No 7: Start Experimenting and feel the camera.

This way you will start learning how to handle your camera and the best way to know how your camera behaves in different conditions. Start experimenting with lightings on a subject and understand the foreground and background of the subject and adjust your angle accordingly.

Point No 8: Ask Experts.

Photography is all about the perspective of a person. Once when you have good set of photographs present them to an expert photographer and get feedback. Doing this will help you to know the minor issues or mistakes.

Point No 9: Practice.

Visit the same places and photograph the subjects again. This allows you to try the tips and tricks you received from experts. And will help you correct your mistakes.

Point No 10: Don't Forget Past.

Photography is a never ending art which gives you chance to explore new places, experience different conditions, express new creative ideas, and to meet new people. So do not forget you past experiences. Past may not be perfect, but past experience helps you becoming perfect.
Each time when you go out to field work remember all the problems you faced in previous trips and correct them next time when you get a chance.



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