20 December 2013

Concepts of Photographer

Photography is not only about wildlife or limited to any other category. According to me photography does not have any boundaries it depends on one's talent and lifestyle.

How is photography dependent on one's lifestyle?

  • A person who is a traveler will always like capture his/her moments and adventures. 
  • A wildlife enthusiast like to capture the animals and birds in their environment in different perspectives. 
  • A journalist and  conservationists would like to document and evidence their photographs. 
  • Scientist would like to photograph for their research.
  • And for a professional photographer its the business.
Each one of them can produce their own beautiful art. The concept of a photographer is attached to passion and lifestyle. 

It does not matter what type of camera you use, you could still produce good pictures when you are aware of basics and pre-process the concept in your mind before you click it. 

Concepts are everywhere you just need to frame it and click it.

When you travel around streets look for interesting subjects, Specially in the evening time of the day look for lighting in the street, vehicles traffic jam, amusement parks,  vibarent and saturated colors of the wall can make a good concept and  the formation of clouds with the sun set will be beautiful to capture. In simple words look around your surroundings when you are out with your camera.

Today's digital cameras offers variety of modes to shoot with so the simplest way would be to try with different modes. Each mode in the digital camera will give you different type of results.



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